About us

Hi! We're Rob and Emily -- two Lancaster locals with expensive taste in cocktails and absolutely zero patience for the pretentiousness of the craft cocktail scene.

If you're anything like us (or you just know someone who is), you appreciate the simple joy brought by a delicious cocktail made by an expert. And, if you’re anything like us (or you just know someone who is), you can’t stand the handlebar mustaches, suspenders, and faint smell of patchouli that inevitably accompany said cocktail when it is served.

We believe that craft cocktails should be approachable and fun — not snobby and reserved for some special class of people who own denim aprons. Good ingredients and recipes can be difficult to find, though, which is why we started Hickory Cocktail Kits to bring all of the bells and whistles needed to make bar-caliber cocktails right to your door!

We also believe that cocktails make excellent gifts, especially in our DIY style kits which not only deliver a top notch beverage but a fun experience as well!

Flowers? Cliché. Chocolate? Dated. OnlyFans gift card? Inappropriate and not well received by aunt Carol at all.

whether your gifting to yourself or to a loved one, the choice is clear.

When you open a Hickory Cocktail Kit, you can expect:

    • Fresh citrus fruits
    • Top quality mixers, sweeteners, and other cocktail ingredients
    • A personalized, handwritten note from the sender (or us, if you sent it to yourself!)
    • A thorough and easy-to-follow recipe card for a unique cocktail dreamed up in the Hickory Cocktail Kits kitchen
    • Everything boxed up in beautiful, simple packaging

We hope you and your loved ones enjoy our hand-curated cocktail kits. We pack each box with immense gratitude and love. Thank you for shopping small and choosing Hickory Cocktail Kits! 

- Rob & Emily